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Being allowed entrance into the Frank Dux Fellowship is to attain the ultimate mark of philanthropy and professional excellence.  The Frank Dux Fellowship award signifies the barer is acknowledged as being an industry and community leader with verifiable access to the “best of the best” in their respective field, not limited to martial arts per se. Notwithstanding, the United States Martial Art Hall of Fame describes The Frank Dux Fellowship the ultimate stamp of professionalism and excellence in martial arts.
The Frank Dux Fellowship “Circle of Iron” is a non-profit but professional martial art defensive tactics fellowship society founded, in 2006, in Mexico City, by Land Rover/ Jaguar and internationally accredited and acclaimed martial art organizations aligning themselves to protect the general public through their professional camaraderie. Thus, a reputable martial art organization may apply to join this “Circle of Iron,” not individuals. However, both students and instructors are registered through their respective martial art organizations for which they are reciprocally accredited as meeting an accepted level of industry wide competency. Established and supervised by various industry leaders in their respective and differing disciplines, worldwide.

Frank Dux Fellowship is an organization formed to promote, honor and award "leadership, quality and professionalism in martial arts and other areas of human development". 

Through Frank Dux Fellowship, highest concepts that define martial art are promoted and financially sostainable solutions are searched for to fight social issues affecting our community such as childhood marginalization, drug abuse and violence of any kind.

The mission is to restore high standards and meaning to the martial art community. That can only be achieved by replacing its grossly depreciated symbolism, like a black belt -- that prior to rabid commercialization of Asian martial arts stood for personal integrity, respect for self & others, dignity, humility, compassion and being in service to a higher purpose.

These character traits are what the Frank Dux Fellowship Award signifies without compromise and extends well beyond the Martial Art world, making it the most prestigious award in our modern society. 

That number is reduced to a small recognized fraction of the professional community, today. 

This Frank Dux Fellowship membership is not limited to a specific industry. Nominees include State Senators, Governors, Military Personnel, Medical Professionals, First Responders, Trial Lawyers, Chief Justices, Philanthropists and of course the most elite in Sports and Martial Arts. 

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