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Kaiso Frank William Dux

In 1980, long before the Ninja craze, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux founded the first american system of Ninjitsu: Dux Ninjitsu, later popularly shortened and referred to as, Dux Ryu.

An unmatched experience, one that inevitably had transformed Hanshi, Frank W. Dux into becoming, without question, one of the most celebrated, recognized, respected and acclaimed leading combat strategists and tactics authorities in the world, today. 

His empirical and rare first hand knowledge of real combat, had inescapably forced Hanshi, Frank W.  Dux to adapt, improvise, improve and change his fighting, not only in order to dominate in his professional no-holds-barred-fights but in his having to overcome real life lethal threats that he encountered while a covert operative and evaluating an implementing tactics as a consultant to elite military and police units, world-wide.

Notably, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux is named as a source contributor in the creation, evaluation and implementation of the elite U.S. Navy SEAL Special Warfare Operations Combat CFC Manual (K431-0097).

His unique insights and contributions are considered life saving, amongst those charged with neutralizing a lethal or combative threat… Special Forces, Private High Risk Security, HRT, SWAT, Special Operations Command, Black Operations and Law Enforcement Personnel. Thus, his contributions and the sacrifices he made to prove their worth resulted in his being titled: "Knight Chevalier" in the Miami Police Hall of Fame. 

On March 24th, 2011 Frank Dux was further honored for his secret military services to his country at a ceremony in Nicholasville, Kentucky, whereby he is awarded a Kentucky Admiral by the Governor as well as received Citations for Valor by US House of Representatives, a Key to the City, in addition to many other awards.

Hanshi, Frank W. Dux real life exploits and courage is elaborated upon by notable former covert agent, Iran Contra paymaster, Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Martin, USN, (ret.) in the media and under penalty of perjury, in testimony, as well as, former Soviet, Major General, Anatoly Korneinko, as documented in the 1996 book, The Secret Man, HarperCollins and the JBM documentary Put Up Your Dux; that chronicles Hanshi, Frank W. Dux life, as named as: “One Of America’s Most Lethal Covert Operatives.”

Hanshi, Frank W. Dux is the undisputed 1975 to1980 (undefeated) No Holds Barred World Heavy Weight Kumite Champion as depicted in the cult classic film: Bloodsport. Based on true events in his life, and is the holder of 16 World Records,still intact.

1975 - Most consecutive knockouts – 56.88
1975 - Fastest recorded Kumite knockout - 3.2 seconds
1975 - Fastest recorded punch resulting in a knockout - .12 seconds
1975 - Fastest recorded kick resulting in a knockout - 72 MPH
1975 - Shortest knockout time average for fight career - 1:20 sec
1975 - First to achieve IFAA Weapons/Forms score of a perfect "10"
1978 - First Kumite fighter to exceed 300 matches
1980 - First Kumite fighter to be undefeated with over 100 matches
1980 - Final Kumite fight record - 329 matches
1990 - Chi Kung Tug of War (Standing on one leg) - 66 people, Zug, Switzerland.

International Martial Arts Festival, Bercy Stadium, Paris, France.

1993 - First and only martial artist to break bulletproof glass barehanded, 
1993 - Multiple Champaign Bottle break, varying heights with a single kick.
1993 - Chi Kung Tug of War (kneeling position) - 23 people. Lausanne, Switzerland.
1993 - Bottle break (vertical palm heel).
2010 – 100 man tug of war on one leg – Expo Artes Marciales, Mexico City  
2013 –World MMA Council Longest Reigning MMA National Champion in World (ret.) – Mexico (1975-2013) 
2013- 1st Martial Art Champion, inducted as “Galardon Inmortal” – Fundacion Cultural Galerias Plaza de las Estrellas, Mexico City Mexico

At last count, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux is a qualified Master Instructor in 22 Different Martial Art and Defensive Tactics Disciplines. Of whom, his Mentors include:Senzo “The Tiger” Tanaka, Jack Seki, Charles B. Fisher, Bill Ryusaki, Ed Parker and Colonel Rex Applegate. Plus, many notable others, several of which can never be mentioned, actively engaged in covert activities.

In 1987, Frank Dux is officially granted the title Hanshi considered a “teacher of teachers”; Rank of: JO-dan (10th degree of 10 degrees of professional expertise) granted to him by governing bodies Shinjimatsu, Yokohama Japan and Head of Family Sokeship Council as well as various other professional martial organizations. This title is used by many different arts for the top few instructors of that style, and is sometimes translated "Grand Master”.

Hanshi, Frank W. Dux has been inducted into no less than ALL FIVE of the Elite Martial Art Hall’s of Fame as “A Living Legend” Action Martial Arts Magazine, Hall Of Fame, 2001.

To further the ideals of industry unification and solidarity, in 1975, Frank Dux defied convention and boldly started fashion trend NHB fighters follow today by his fighting in shorts rather than martial art uniforms. Frank Dux was named “Godfather of Mixed Martial Arts”

However, not unlike Myamoto Musashi and all the other great martial arts masters that are relegated to history, Hanshi, Frank W. Dux continued to evolve to found a truly unique and original system, now entitled: FASST/Dux Ryu. While once rooted in traditional Koga Yamabushi Ninjitsu and the Martial Sciences, FASST/Dux Ryu is a new secret technology created out of Hanshi, Frank W. Dux legendary rich and distinguished empirical experience. 

Frank Dux was recently named Soke (Heir) of Black Dragon Fighting Society & International Fighting Arts Association (IFAA) original Sponsor of infamous “Kumite” Also, in 2013, in Monterrey, Mexico, Hanshi Dux was granted by World Mixed Martial Arts Council as their Greatest Champion for Longest Reigning MMA National Champion in World (1975-2013), all his world records be registried and certify by WMMMC and named the “One Billion Dollar Fighter”.

Hanshi Frank W. Dux is author of the most complete book about martial arts that it has existed, titled it, “Martial Art Bible: Secrets Of Warriorship” (release date unspecified). In it are contained all Highest Concepts that define the Martial Art, that's size and scope makes it, virtually, the PDR of Martial Arts. 

Philanthropy and contributions to society of Hanshi Frank W. Dux inspires Land Rover & Jaguar of Mexico as well as esteemed members of the International Martial Art and Sports  Community (i.e. NTSA, USA Martial Art Hall of FameCalifornia Youth Karate Association, KidSport America, etc.) to found and sponsor in his name THE FRANK DUX FELLOWSHIP  and the FRANK DUX FELLOWSHIP AWARD. The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame (est. 1976) warrants this award in the martial art world acknowledges others as what Frank Dux symbolizes to many familiar with his life story, as being “The Ultimate Stamp of Excellence”  .