The necessity for a wide spectrum of martial art organizations to join together in fellowship is attributable to a disappointing but observable fact. The absence of independent and unified accountability perpetuates rank certificate swapping alongside the media manipulating and managing perception for profit.  Contributing to the rabid commercialization and polarization of the martial art industry.
Visible racial and gender discrimination is an evil still perpetuated by unscrupulous media and martial art groups who hold the view minorities are less marketable and as a result of that perception minority practitioners along with commercial competitive threats to the media & certain group's “stars” typically end up pigeon holed. Their meritorious actions go without recognition by them. The isolation leaves those shut out ripe and vulnerable often subjecting them to slander per se, trade libel, speculation and hearsay; compelling potential clients to reject their services or products.  Especially, brutal when undeserving credit for their hard earned accomplishments is more often than naught ends up wrongfully given to those whose services and products these media outlets and organizations market (under different corporate names), profiting them.  
Controlling the type and flow of information en masse, media, while concealing their own conflict of interest, work in tandem with their stars and advertisers to make possible their domination if not monopolization of niche markets. The media conglomerate representing or inferring that the group whose interests are strategically aligned with their own is “real” or “authentic” - implying their competitors who go without mention are substandard, not authentic or the “subject of dispute” by way of their dishonest reporting and intentional exclusion of them by the media. The pigeon holing raising suspicion because the general public assumes the reporting online, in a periodicals or mainstream newspaper is objective when in fact the publisher is deceptive, taking extraordinary measures to conceal how sensationalism, eliminating fair trade and competition profits them greatly. 
The stark reality is individuals cannot afford protracted litigation to combat this kind of inequality and abuse.
Thus, the strength in our name and number of professional affiliates recognizing rank and individual accomplishments offsets the unbalanced reporting and suspicions that can be raised by pigeon holing. The selective exclusion of business competitors being denied mention or the capability to advertise or adequately respond to damaging inferences invented by the media and or certain martial art groups.


The combined wisdom of the leadership of the various organizations involved in founding the first tier of FELLOWSHIP appreciate the name recognition of Frank Dux that is synonymous with philanthropy, martial arts and the society's belief that proper training and commitment overcomes the ends justify the means attitude embraced by others. Symbolized in the final fight scene in the cult film Bloodsport that is based on true events. Where Frank Dux prevails regardless he is placed at a decisive disadvantage forced to fight with his vision impaired due to his opponent's dishonorable actions.

In the past Bruce Lee, Ed Parker and the other legends that are equally responsible for bringing a variety of Asian martial arts to the forefront of western culture were referred to when they assembled as a “Circle of Iron.”  Dux name recognition and story of prevailing in spite of underhanded actions and the concept of an iron willed circle of friends end up combined to form the society that inspires the members to name themselves the Frank Dux Fellowship Circle of Iron.